10 Reasons the Tech Industry Will Break Down without Immigration Reform

  1. America will face a shortage of more than 220,000 workers with STEM degrees by 2018.
  2. More than a quarter of science and engineering firms already report difficulty hiring.
  3. In recent years, more than half of the post doctorates in science and engineering at U.S. universities were immigrants.
  4. Foreign-born STEM students complement – not displace – their American counterparts.
  5. In 2011, 76% of patents awarded to the top 10 U.S. patent-producing universities had at least one foreign-born inventor.
  6. One quarter of all U.S.-based Nobel laureates over the past half-century were foreign-born.
  7. Between 1990 & 2000, immigrant innovations contributed to growing U.S. GDP by 2.4%.
  8. It took less than one week to reach the 65,000 cap on H-1B high-skilled visas granted this year.
  9. H-1B visa denials in 2007-2008 cost U.S.-born tech workers 231,000 jobs & $3 billion in wages by 2010.
  10. The number of jobs for U.S.-born workers in computer-related industries would have grown at least 55% faster between 2005-2006 and 2009-2010 without the H-1B visa denials of 2007-2008.

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