Statement on U.S. Government Exhausting Supply of H-1B Visas in Less Than a Week


Ryan Williams, Partnership for a New American Economy,

Following the announcement by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that they reached the congressionally mandated H-1B cap for 2016, Partnership for a New American Economy Chairman John Feinblatt issued the following statement:

“Just like last year, in less than a single week we have exhausted the number of visas available for high-skilled workers,” said John Feinblatt, Chairman of the Partnership for a New American Economy. “This is bad for our economy – and it’s entirely preventable. High-skilled immigrants help create jobs for American-born workers, and an arbitrary cap means we’re leaving potential jobs on the table. It’s time for Congress to reform the system so we have a visa program that actually aligns with our economic needs.”


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