Visa Program Can Spur Economic Growth

The Patriot Ledger
October 16, 2012

At a recent discussion of federal immigration policy hosted by the New England Council, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch highlighted the critical role that foreign-born workers play in our economy, filling important jobs throughout the workforce.

Many of these are foreign-born temporary workers – highly skilled professionals such as scientists and engineers – recruited by employers to fill critical roles in our workforce on a short-term basis. The annual cap on the number of visas available for such workers is reached well before employer needs are satisfied.

At the same time, thousands of students from around the globe flock to New England every year to attend our many educational institutions. Many come to this country, and our region in particular, to obtain degrees in science, engineering or mathematics – the so-called “STEM” fields. They are often forced to return to their native countries upon graduation because it is simply too difficult to stay in this country.

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