Walther Goss Law Firm: The Time for Immigration Reform is Now

Veronica Walther, one of the owners of Walther Goss Law, is honored to team up with New American Economy to push for commonsense immigration reform, knowing it will benefit the United States as a whole and Minnesota in particular.

Minnesota’s economy has reaped the benefits from a dramatic growth in our immigrant population. If you’ve lived here more than a few years, the growth is noticeable. Between 1990 and 2010, the number of immigrants residing in our state has tripled—and 60,000 immigrants settled here in 2014 alone.

It’s easy to notice the many new immigrant-owned stores, restaurants and other businesses around us, but until now the fiscal impact of immigration on Minnesota’s economy has been vague. Thanks to New American Economy, we can now see every detail of the economic contributions immigrants make in our community. Immigrant-led households in our state earned $12.2 billion in income in 2014. These households pay nearly $700 million in taxes in our congressional district alone With these taxes, our local communities get to see dollars reinvested through support for local school districts and government infrastructure. Immigrants also exercise significant buying power and support local businesses such as grocers, salons, and restaurants.

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