WE Global Network: How Immigrants Are Helping To Rebuild Rust Belt Economies

Welcoming immigrants and providing them an opportunity to build a life and contribute to the fabric of our society is one of America’s longest and proudest national traditions. But that central tenet of our national character is now being challenged by Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policies. As this national debate rages on, there’s a quieter current that has been rolling through the Rust Belt for years —local elected officials (even some Republicans) and economic development agencies that are embracing immigration as a driver of economic growth and community revitalization.

That might seem surprising giving the Rust Belt’s role in handing the recent election to Trump, but new data from the New American Economy released today reinforces that immigrants don’t take jobs, they create them, and that they greatly enhance the economic well-being of U.S.-born residents in their local economies and neighborhoods.

Immigrants are launching businesses and employing Americans; they are buying homes and helping to build housing wealth; and they are filling unmet talent needs in high-tech, manufacturing, agriculture, and service industries, allowing companies to compete, create jobs, and raise incomes for their workers.

Immigrants also are the foundation for population growth for most Rust Belt cities and states.

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