What The Election Means To Silicon Valley

Silicon Beat
November 3, 2012

Silicon Valley is and will continue to be the world’s epicenter of technology innovation and entrepreneurship.

It’s very small but extremely diverse population of 2.9 million residents enjoy the second highest per capita income (only DC is slightly ahead) and highest educated people in the U.S. It’s 1.3 million workforce is anchored in tech industry and supporting industries of retail, education, healthcare, financial services, construction and government.

She says her family hasn’t had it as easy as native-born Americans in turning Tortilleria Sonora, whose name hints at both the product and her family’s origins, into a successful business.

Immigrants made America and America made the immigrants. This is where, when you come in, you feel welcome, play your part, make your contribution and share in the rewards of your hard work and good attitude. It’s amazing how sometimes many lose sight of it! My hats-off to Silicon Valley where one-third of us were born in another country, and have assimilated so well here.

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