WSMV: “TN business leaders say immigrants important to economy”

Business leaders from all over Tennessee met Tuesday to speak about the critical role immigrants play in the state’s economy.

Those leaders, both native and foreign, highlighted the importance of job creation.

Local leaders emphasized that immigrants fill workforce gaps in several crucial fields, including STEM and agriculture. They also argued that the most beneficial factor in economic growth is an influx of workers.

“Prosperity grows when the workforce grows. The immigration into Middle Tennessee is part of what’s driving that prosperity that we’re feeling all around us,” said Ralph Schulz, president of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Those involved are working on new “Map the Impact” data, which puts a number on how foreign-born residents impact the economy and community.

According to numbers released Tuesday, immigrants make up 15 percent of the tourism hospitality industry and 21 percent of the construction industry in Nashville.

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