WTNH: Senator Richard Blumenthal Outlines Contributions of Immigrants

Senator Richard Blumenthal is weighing in on the impact of immigrants. Tuesday he, along with other Connecticut leaders showcased new research on the contributions of immigrants in Hartford and across the state to highlight the critical need for immigration reform. Spearheaded by New American Economy (NAE), the event marks the launch of Map the Impact-a campaign to highlight the power of immigrants in communities across the country.

With over 140 events and engagements in 37 states, this effort arms business, civic, and cultural leaders with new data on immigrant populations in all 435 Congressional Districts and 50 metro areas. Featured in an interactive map that also includes state and sector-specific data, NAE’s report quantifies every locality’s foreign-born population, tax contributions, spending power, home ownership, and voting power, among other items.

“Hard numbers show how immigrants help dynamically drive the economy — in fact, growing new businesses and creating good jobs. They come here to work, to build, and to be free, and the evidence shows irrefutable results,” said Senator Richard Blumenthal, (D-Conn). “In Connecticut alone, immigrant-owned businesses employ more than 73,000 people, and immigrants statewide contribute over $5 billion in taxes. If we’re serious about growing our economy and strengthening our communities we need to pass comprehensive immigration reform now.”

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