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Hispanic Leaders for Immigration Reform Coalition

The Partnership is excited to announce the launch of a coalition of conservative Hispanic leaders in support of immigration reform.

The launch of the coalition marks the beginning of the Partnership’s Hispanic Engagement campaign. Over the next few months, the Partnership will focus on the contributions of Hispanic immigrants and the need for immigration reform as a key issue for an increasingly important part of the electorate.

The coalition was announced on a national media call hosted by the Partnership for a New American Economy, The Latino Coalition, and the American Principles in Action Latino Partnership featuring conservative Hispanic leaders calling on Congress to pass immigration reform. Participants included Al Cardenas (former Chairman of the American Conservative Union), Daniel Garza (Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative), Hector Barreto (Chairman of The Latino Coalition), Alfonso Aguilar (Executive Director of the American Principles in Action Latino Partnership), and Rosario Marin (41st Treasurer of the United States under President George W. Bush).

On the call, the Partnership also released a new report, which analyzed the social and political views held by the 18.6 million immigrant citizens in America and found that foreign-born citizens are more socially conservative than their native-born counterparts and are less likely to identify with either political party.

Read the full report.

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