In 2014, foreign-born residents contributed $4.1 billion to the GDP of Macomb County, MI, New Study Shows

Macomb County, MI – Today, OneMacomb and New American Economy released a report documenting the economic impact of immigrants in Macomb County. Accounting for 10.4 percent of the overall population, the foreign-born of Macomb County make an outsize contribution to the local economy through their high rates of entrepreneurship, large tax contributions, and spending power.

“This report provides a snapshot of New Americans in Macomb County, and their contributions in regard to spending power, taxes, economic impact and other information beneficial to building a more inclusive community,” said Deputy County Executive Pam Lavers. “We see every day how much immigrants and other minorities bring to the table. They increase the vitality of life in Macomb County, and make it a vibrant place to live, work, and play.”

“Long a bellwether of national trends, Macomb County today offers a revealing portrait of immigration’s economic power and potential,” said John Feinblatt, Chairman of New American Economy. “Immigrants here not only boost Macomb County’s GDP overall, but also create jobs and bolster key local sectors like health care and agriculture.”

The report, New Americans in Macomb County, finds:

  • In 2014, foreign-born households contributed $4.1 billion to the GDP.
  • In 2014, immigrants in Macomb Country paid $362 million in federal taxes, and $193 million in state and local taxes. They also held $452.8 million in remaining spending power.
  • In 2014, immigrants contributed more than $237.3 million to Social Security and almost $56.7 million to Medicare.
  • There are 4,773 immigrant entrepreneurs in Macomb County and their businesses generated $52.4 million in business income in 2014.
  • In 2014, immigrants helped create or preserve 4,093 local manufacturing jobs that would have otherwise vanished or moved elsewhere.
  • In 2014, 91.6% of the foreign-born had been in Macomb County for more than a year.

Read the full report here.

Macomb County is one of 20 communities selected in the Gateways for Growth Challenge, an opportunity from NAE and Welcoming America that invited communities across the United States to apply for support for the development and implementation of multi-sector strategic plans for welcoming and integrating new Americans.

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