NAE Statement on the Extending Status Protection for Eligible Refugees Act

New York, NY — Following the Administration’s decision to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Nicaraguans, New American Economy is endorsing the Extending Status Protection for Eligible Refugees (ESPERER) Act, sponsored by Representatives Curbelo, Ros-Lehtinen, Hastings, and Wilson, which would grant permanent resident status to current TPS holders.

“Providing greater long-term certainty for immigrants – and their employers – makes sound economic sense,” said John Feinblatt, President of New American Economy. “This smart, bipartisan approach offers people who’ve fled war and disaster the chance to put down roots, stay in their jobs, and continue contributing to the American economy.”

According to new research from New American Economy, TPS recipients contribute more than $1.3 billion to federal, state, and local taxes in the U.S., and earn almost $7 billion in household income. Further, they play a critical role in the construction industry, with almost one in five TPS workers employed in construction.

As the deadline to extend TPS for Haitians and Salvadorans approaches, New American Economy urges Congress to quickly take action on a bipartisan legislative solution to this issue.

Read the full research brief here.

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