Three Ads You Won’t See During the Super Bowl, But You Should Still Watch

This Sunday, some of the biggest brands in the country will interrupt the bathroom breaks of more than one hundred million viewers with clever television ads. We thought we’d save the money and your bladders by sharing three ads in advance that demonstrate the impact immigrants have on important U.S. industries.


Shredding Opportunity


Texas farmer Bernie Thiel has had to destroy his own crops because he’s been unable to find the workers he needs to harvest, costing jobs down the supply chain and increasing prices at the market. Sadly, Bernie is not alone. Farmers across America are negatively impacted by the country’s broken immigration system. Art Thomas, a blueberry farmer from Michigan, Mary Craft, a dairy farmer from Colorado, Chalmers Carr, a peach farmer from South Carolina, John Young, an apple farmer from New Hampshire, farmers in North Carolina, produce farmers across America, and many others are depending on Congress to pass immigration reform so that they can continue to help grow the American economy.


A Day Without Immigrant Inventors


What would your day be like without inventions created by immigrants? Pretty bland, that’s for sure, because from bicycles to blenders to blue jeans, immigrants have been behind many of the products we use daily. They play a major role in innovation at universities, with more than three out of every four patents at the top 10 patent-producing U.S. universities (76%) having at least one foreign-born inventor. They also punch above their weight when it comes to launching new businesses, being more than twice as likely to start a business as the native-born. And they’ve founded some of America’s oldest and most recognizable companies, with 40% of the Fortune 500 being founded by immigrants or their children.


A Passport to Future Economic Growth


International tourists are significant revenue generators, and their travel to the United States creates American jobs. But the country’s visa laws make it difficult for international tourists to visit America, having negative consequences for hotels, restaurants, and small businesses that are part of the travel industry. Reforms to the country’s Visa Waiver Program can help and add more than $7.5 billion in U.S. revenue and 50,000 U.S. jobs within five years. These reforms will attract international travelers from around the world and create jobs on the boardwalks in Myrtle Beach, the ski slopes in Breckenridge, and in communities across the country.

From farms to factories to faculty, immigrants are part of the team. Their contributions generate economic growth, create new jobs, drive innovation, and help America compete globally. Businesses depend on their talent and can’t afford to go another quarter without a game plan from Congress to finally fix the country’s immigration system

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