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There are a lot of important ways to get involved in the movement for immigration reform: Share the Facts, Sign the Petition, Record a Video.


We all have a role to play in making sure our friends, families, and neighbors have the facts about immigrants. Take a look at the Map the Impact social media toolkit or share the graphics below directly.

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If all the Fortune 500 companies started by immigrants or their children were their own country, it would have the third largest GDP in the world.

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Over 5.9 million workers are employed at immigrant-owned firms.

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Immigrants are twice as likely to start a new business as native-born citizens.


We all know what kind of impact immigrants can have on our local, state, and national economy. It’s time our lawmakers understand the facts. Add your name below if you think now is the time for smart, data-driven improvements to our country’s immigration system.


From farmers to faith leaders, teachers to tech founders, we’re a diverse movement that believes smart immigration helps move our country forward. Record your video now to send to Congress. Let’s help pass immigration reform. Visit ReasonforReform.org now.

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