Immigrant Entrepreneurs

The US needs a visa for immigrant entrepreneurs who want to come to America to start a business and create new jobs.

Entrepreneurs around the world want to come here to start businesses that will drive the American economy and create much-need jobs for the millions of Americans still looking for work.  Many have already raised hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to make their business idea a reality.

However, unlike our competitors in the United Kingdom, Chile, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, and Canada, who have all instituted or are working to institute a startup visa so entrepreneurs can come and start a new business, the United States has no visa for entrepreneurs.

Important facts to know about how an entrepreneurs visa would benefit the American economy:

  • Immigrants Play A Large and Outsized Role in Founding American Companies
    • Immigrants are twice as likely as the native-born to start a business.
    • More than 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies were founded by an immigrant or a child of an immigrant.
    • More than 25 percent of technology and engineering businesses launched in America between 1995 and 2005 had an immigrant founder.  In Silicon Valley, 52.4 percent of the new tech startups had an immigrant founder.
    • Forty eight percent of new businesses in New York City were founded by an immigrant.
  • Countries Around the World Are Using Their Immigration Policies to Attract Entrepreneurs
    • Chile is offering $40,000, a visa, and support services to entrepreneurs willing to start their companies in Chile.
    • Singapore not only provides a visa to foreign entrepreneurs willing to start a company in Singapore, but the government even invests in some of the prominent startups.
    • United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, and Canada have all institute or are instituting startup visas to lure entrepreneurs.

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