A Common Cause for Both Parties

August 29, 2012

National conventions are a time for the two political parties to present their opposing visions of the next four years. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to seek common ground on critical problems facing the country. This week at the Republican National Convention, where I am right now, and next week at the Democrats’ convention, CEA and the Innovation Movement will launch an ad campaign for the thousands of delegates on hand. The ad features Fabien Beckers of Morpheus Medical, a foreign-born, U.S.-educated business owner who is trying to stay in America. But, on account of our outdated and misguided visa laws – Beckers is just one of thousands of foreign-born entrepreneurs who might have to leave the country – and take their businesses with them.

This country began with immigrants, and it has thrived with immigrants. Many of our nation’s most successful companies, like eBay, Intel, Qualcomm, Radio Shack, and VOXX International – all members of the Consumer Electronics Association® – were started by immigrants. These and thousands of other immigrant-created businesses grow the economy and provide American jobs.

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