Bipartisanship Needed On Skilled Immigration Reform

November 27, 2012

While the prospects for compromise on taxes and spending seem to change from one day to the next, there have been encouraging signs since the election for those seeking meaningful immigration reform. Such reform is essential for a variety of reasons.

As post-election analysts scrutinized the election demographics, one statistic has generated much discussion about the potential for immigration reform – President Obama won more than 70 percent of both the Hispanic vote and the Asian American vote. The stark election results show the extent to which Republicans have alienated Hispanics, the fastest-growing demographic, and all voters who are tired of the immigration reform gridlock. Exit polls showed nearly two-thirds of all voters favor a path to legal status.

And if that were not enough, days after that news, the Pew Hispanic Center released a study saying the Hispanic electorate will likely double by 2020.

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