Immigration reform affects Iowa businesses

Everyone across the political spectrum agrees that the U.S. immigration policy is broken. The long march to the White House has begun. Beginning in Iowa, the presidential caucus provides Iowans with a historically unique opportunity to directly interact and challenge prospective presidential candidates on issues important to Iowa and the nation.

Now is the time for Iowa to focus the nation’s attention on immigration reform. Now is the time for American action. Now is the time for leadership. The recent introduction and location of global champions Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and others to Iowa are transforming the state into an emerging, major competitive global leader in high skilled, adaptive, and innovative service technologies.

A significant challenge for the Iowa presidential caucus process is whether Iowans will take seriously their critical role to “clarify the choice” on which candidate is the responsible adult in the room. Who will best demonstrate the moral responsibility to be intelligent, and who will exhibit the skill and courage to address the challenges facing Iowa, the nation, and the world?

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