Newsmax: Michael Bloomberg Launches Immigration Reform Advocacy Group

Billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has launched a bipartisan immigration advocacy group powered in part by President Donald Trump supporters, Politico reported.

The Partnership for a New American Economy, the purpose of which is to rally public support for immigration reform, has tapped two Trump supporters to be a part of its cause, Politico reported.

Irma Aguirre, a member of Latinos for Trump, and Mario Rodriguez, who sits on Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council have committed their support to the fledgling group, Politico reported.

“Immigration is top of the agenda politically, but the national discussion often bears little resemblance to the facts on the ground,” Jeremy Robbins, the group’s executive director, told Politico.

“In community after community and industry after industry, immigration is helping America and American workers.”

The group will host nearly 100 events nationwide, primarily in conservative and swing states, to drum up public awareness and support.

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