Republican donors put muscle into immigration reform — Dems swipe at Schock over office décor

GOP MONEYMEN PUSH IMMIGRATION REFORM: It’s a huge divide in the Republican Party: The GOP donor community believes that only Republican presidential hopefuls who embrace immigration reform stand a chance at winning the presidency in 2016 — and embracing immigration reform is necessary for the party’s long-term health — top Republican donors and fundraisers Mike Fernandez, Andrew Puzder, and Spencer Zwick told reporters in a conference call organized by Partnership for a New American Economy Tuesday afternoon. “This isn’t just the right issue. It’s a smart issue. It’s a winning issue,” said Zwick, who served as Romney for President’s national finance chairman in 2012, when the former Massachusetts governor called for “self-deportation” as his immigration stance.

— He also said that “if someone wants to be taken seriously running for president, they need to be in a similar place” as Jeb Bush. Fernandez, Puzder and Zwick also blamed President Barack Obama for the lack of action on the issue, arguing that by acting without Congress, he has made it harder for the parties to come to a compromise. “This is an issue Democrats want to keep alive,” Puzder said, pointing to the political advantage it gives the party.


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