Press Release: Statement on Senate Democrats’ Call for “High-Skilled Immigration” Reform in “Jobs First” Agenda

The Partnership for a New American Economy applauds the strong statement in support of immigration reform included in the Senate Democrats’ ‘Jobs First’ agenda, discussed today by Senate Leadership. Specifically, the agenda calls for ‘reforming America’s high-skilled immigration system,’ a recognition of the crucial role that jobs-targeted immigration reform would play in putting Americans back to work and ensuring our nation’s full economic recovery. The House Republican Plan for America’s Job Creators, released in May, made a similar call for jobs-focused immigration reforms, noting specifically the importance to our nation’s economy of attracting and retaining immigrant entrepreneurs and foreign students receiving advanced degrees in fields critical to our economy. These strong, consistent statements from Congressional leaders in both parties prove that Congress can break the logjam and move forward on a bipartisan agenda for visa reform that will create jobs and help ensure our nation’s full economic recovery.

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