Time for Republicans to address immigration

One of the greatest challenges currently facing our country is a broken immigration system. Designed decades ago, these outdated policies have far outlived their effectiveness. The legal path to American citizenship is plagued with high costs, excessive administrative burdens, and can actually take three to ten years. The inflexibility of our own immigration policies makes attaining legal citizenship nearly impossible, turning illegal immigration into the more plausible option. 

Congressional Republicans must take the lead and fix our backwards system. 

Most immigrants who come to this country do so for religious, economic and political freedom. Holding onto an immigration system that turns these foreign- born neighbors away ignores the conservative and moral values from which this country was started. However, an immigration system that provides a clear and attainable path to citizenship for law-abiding, hard-working and family-oriented immigrants will not only encompass these values, it will drive economic growth and job creation across the country. 


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