Release: 50 Chambers of Commerce Call on Congress to Pass Bipartisan Legislation to Protect Dreamers
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Wisconsin Ag Connection: “WFBF Supports Immigration Reform Day of Action”

The state’s largest farm organization says it is in support of the New American Economy’s National Day of Action and immigration reform campaign. The Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation announced that the campaign, which kicked off this week with the launch of the Map of Impact that includes updated immigration statistics by state and congressional district, is available at

Coordinators say the campaign highlights the power of immigrants in communities across the country and shows the need for immigration reform. A 2015 study by the Partnership for a New American Economy found that more than 50 percent of laborers on U.S. dairy farms were immigrants.

“Our current immigration system is broken. We are relying on outdated laws that do not address the challenges we face, especially in the agriculture community,” said WFBF President Jim Holte. “Farm Bureau continues to advocate for an agriculture long-term guest worker visa program.”

Immigrants also play a vital role in Wisconsin’s economic success as taxpayers and consumers.

Census figures show that more than 274,000 immigrants call Wisconsin home.


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